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The Importance of Custom Challenge Coins in Organizations

Posted on : 06-11-2014 | By : Howard Oakley | In : Military

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Challenge coins are small coins that bear the emblem or insignia of an organization. They are carried by the members of such organization to prove their membership and to boost their morale. In the past, only people at the military use these coins. Today, however, a lot of companies have started to adopt military strategies to instill a sense of loyalty within the workplace. Corporate organizations have learned about the positive effects of using custom challenge coins as a means to acknowledge the skills of their team members.

custom challenge coinsIf you are running a company or a corporate organization, you have to realize that financial compensation is not enough to provide morale support to your employees. Even though money is important, it is still not everything. If you want your employees to continue pursuing excellence, you should give them something invaluable, such as custom challenge coins. These coins can serve as tangible reminders of their talents and abilities. Since they are not like any other reward, they can serve as a catalyst for a deeper pursuit of optimum performance.

As a leader, you should not underestimate the importance of recognition. You have to know that the organizations and companies with the highest levels of achievement know how recognition affects the productivity of employees. If you want your team members to improve their work performance, you should inspire them. You should also encourage them to have a deeper loyalty to your company or organization. Through custom challenge coins, you can effectively motivate your employees as well as get their attention.

Challenge coins can generate a sense of identification with your organization’s values. The best organizations use coins as a symbol of establishing cooperation and team spirit. You should not be hesitant to follow the footsteps of great military leaders who used challenge coins as symbolic icons for affiliation. These coins are more than just accessories for show. They represent a variety of values and make your team members feel privileged to be part of a renowned organization.

You can be sure that your employees will appreciate your gesture and treasure such keepsakes. Hence, you need to choose custom challenge coins that will represent your organization well. Keep in mind that exclusivity is the most essential feature of these coins. Challenge coins are created for a specific group of people. This is what makes them special. No one else can have these coins unless they become a member of the same organization. To make your challenge coins special, you should add the logo of your company and add an inspiring message.

If you plan to hand the coins on a particular occasion, such as an anniversary, you may want to include the date and the occasion on the coins to commemorate the event. Make sure that you choose the appropriate symbols and colors. You can try various color combinations. If you do not know much about designing, you can hire a professional designer. The manufacturer you hire to make the challenge coins can provide you with a designer. They will also provide you with choices of material.

Make sure that you choose high quality materials for your custom challenge coins. They should be able to last for a long time. Challenge coins are expected to last for years, and even decades. Ideally, you should go for gold, silver, or bronze. Nonetheless, you may also choose nickel or copper. If you want your coins to be unique, you can incorporate materials that are non-traditional. You can also coat the coins with soft or hard enamel to add more effect and make them more appealing.

5 Points to Consider in Choosing the Best Taylormade Golf

Posted on : 28-10-2014 | By : Dale Ferguson | In : Sports

Tags: Callaway Golf, Golf Bags, Golf Balls, Golf Club, Golf equipment, Golf players, Golf shoes, Golf Staff, Taylormade golf


In choosing the best set of golf clubs to own, comparing the different golf clubs of different manufacturers, like Taylormade golf, should be your initial move before deciding which golf clubs to pick. Understand that you will need more than just two golf clubs in your golf bag if you want to make sure that you will emerge victorious or at least fought a worthwhile battle. The latter is especially applicable for beginners who are not expected to win in their initial attempt but at least showed his or her heart during the game.

Golf clubs have different shapes and sizes and each kind has their own specific purpose in helping you achieve your goal.

Taylormade golfCompare the Different Golf Clubs

Manufacturers of golf clubs offer different golf clubs with different prices to their clients in order to meet the demands of each type of client. Beginners should start with less expensive styles, designs, or features provided that the clubs will be able to give the golfer’s anticipated outcome. If a particular Taylormade golf that tickled your fancy is way above your budget, then ask for a possible cheaper alternative that can still deliver the same function.

There are times when replacing your iron with a wood or vice versa (whichever is less expensive) that can deliver the same result is a good move to make.

Compare the Grip

It is important for a golfer to have a comfortable and nice grip. An uncomfortable grip can make you deliver an awkward swing that’s why having a good grip on your golf club is crucial. More expensive golf clubs usually give a more durable grip, while the cheaper version may require you to replace the grip after using it for a few times.

There are golf clubs especially designed for beginners that have grips that show where a novice golfer needs to place his or her hands to make sure that the golfer holds the golf club properly.

Consider the Loft

Each type of golf club, like the ones in Taylormade golf, bears different loft or degree which affects the trajectory and distance of the ball. Simply put, the higher the loft, the higher the trajectory. The lower the loft, the lower your golf ball will go on impact. Beginners will find it easier to hit with a club that bears higher loft.

Length of the Club

When comparing the length of the golf club, make sure that the shaft is not too long or short as you make your swing. It is best to measure your height and the height of your wrist to the ground in order to get the most appropriate golf club length.

Club Head Size

Most brands offer different sizes of club heads. If you get a larger club head, then it is possible to still get your desired goal even if you made an imperfect shot. The only trouble with having a larger size of club-head is that it is heavier or sometimes hard to control.
Veteran golf players often choose the golf clubs with smaller heads to gain maximum control and speed. When choosing the size of golf club heads, consider your level of experience. A complete novice might feel more comfortable with a larger golf club head while a more experienced player may prefer the smaller and lighter club head for speed and optimum control.

Other Important Tips to Consider

When buying a golf club, it is best to test the ease and comfort it gives by taking a few swings with it.
Make sure to avoid making an incorrect swing using your golf club because it can cause back pain and uneasiness.

During winter, most shops offer discounts on their Taylormade golf clubs. Some may give big discounts at the start of golf season. You need to take advantage of the sale and the five points to consider if you have not completed your golf club set yet.

Live Chat Services Etiquette: What Are the Do’s and Don’ts In Implementing This Service

Posted on : 20-10-2014 | By : Walter Quinn | In : Technology

Tags: Chat agent, Chat service for website, Chat services, Chat software, Chat software for business, Live chat agents, Live chat for business


A lot of companies who use live chat services on their websites have experienced significant increases in their sales. Live chat services provide instant answers to customers, preventing them from leaving the webpage without purchasing anything because they are unsure of what a product is or they have some questions left unanswered. The live support service is an effective way to convince customers who have some queries without the need for them to call on the phone.

Live chat services also ensure that each customer experiences improved service. It provides a win-win situation not only for the customers but also for the agent and the company. Instead of sending email communication to the business, customers can directly communicate with a live support agent who can provide quick answers and follow-ups.

chat servicesLive Chat Dos and Don’ts

Below are some do’s and don’ts before beginning to use the live chat service in assisting your customers. Keep in mind that before leaping into live chat support, the customers, the support agents, and the company should be appropriate for this kind of customer support service medium.

1.Indicate the time the live support service is available. Be sure that the operating hours of the live support service are clearly indicated in the live support chat box. Having the customers send real-time messages without anyone to answer their queries will leave a negative impression to your prospective customers. Whether your live support service will be operating during regular business hours or 24/7, convey the information directly to the customers.

2.Do not offer the live support service directly to the customers. Avoid welcoming and approaching a prospective customer with a live support chat box once he reaches your website. All customers should be given ample time to explore your company’s website. Let them be the ones to approach you for a live chat session if they have any queries or clarification they want you to answer. Sending an instant message offering live support assistance directly to a prospective client will just annoy them, compelling them to leave the site and explore your competitor’s webpage instead.

3.Do not make things complicated. The customer’s time is as precious as your time is. Avoid providing endless and complicated web directions and keep all the systems and tools as simple as possible. Try to provide your customers with a one-click system to help expedite the process of asking for assistance especially if the queries are important.

4.Make the customers feel that they are talking to a “real person”. There will be some situations when the business will need to use an automated system in answering all the messages of the clients. However, when talking to a customer through live chat, let the client feel that he is talking to a real person. Try to personalize the chat messaging as much as you can through such ways as crafting the chat messages you are sending to the client depending on the client’s behavior in the website.

5.Do not scare the customers. Most live chat services tools have access to the customer’s information, even the place where the customer is located. However, keep in mind that most customers value their privacy so much. So, when you are talking with the customer, do not incorporate all these information; it will just make the customer uncomfortable and doubtful of the integrity and honesty of the business.

6.Always stay focused. One of the advantages of using live support in catering to your customer’s needs is that it ensures the ability to multi-task. Unlike the traditional phone service where a phone support agent can only handle one customer at a time, in live support service, a support agent can handle 4 to 5 customers at the same time, depending on the agent’s skills and the case’s problem. However, when switching from one chat log to another, the support agent must stay focused on the current session to avoid providing the wrong message, or worse, the wrong customer name.

7.Do not forget to test and assess the system. Though live chat services are effective, do not launch the service in your website without testing and assessing the system first. Optimize the use of the live support services available.


Posted on : 30-09-2014 | By : Mark Bolton | In : SEO

Tags: Affiliate marketer, Search Engine Optimization, SEO


SEO or search engine optimization is crucial in the online world. It is basically one of the main aspects of internet marketing. Without SEO, your website will not be known anywhere. You may have an amazing website with cool designs and easy to use interface; but without the right keywords or key phrases, you will not be able to reach out to your target audience. As you know, traffic is very important. If no one visits your page, your website will fail.

seoEach day, millions of people from all over the world go online and log into their accounts. They use the Internet to open their e-mails and social networking accounts. They also go online to purchase products, send and receive data, download data, and search for information. They also use the Internet to entertain themselves by watching streaming videos, looking at images, or reading electronic books.

SEOOnline users use search engines to look for things they need. Whenever they need to find a site they know will cater to their needs, they just type in keywords or key phrases related to the thing they want. Usually, they only click on the websites that appear on the first page of the search results. Nearly one hundred percent will click on the topmost result. So the higher your website appears on the search results list, the better it will be for your website.

If your website appears lower or on the succeeding pages, you will have a lower chance of having it seen by your target readers. This will not be good for your website objective, whether personal or business. You can put up a website for personal use if you just want the attention. Nonetheless, most website owners set up websites for business purposes. So if you are a freelancer, an affiliate marketer, or a businessman, you need to have your own website.

Your website is where you will put information about your work or business. If you are a freelance graphic designer, Web developer, fashion designer, or writer, you can use your website to showcase your portfolio. Do not forget to include details such as your bio-data and contact details. Such information will allow interested clients to contact you. See to it that you use the right keywords and key phrases, so that your target viewers will be redirected to your link.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you need a website to endorse the goods or services that an online merchant offers. In affiliate marketing, you earn money through commissions or with a fixed amount. You get this money by helping online merchant make successful business transactions with customers. You need to make them click on ads on your Web page or links that will redirect them to the website of the online merchant.

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you need a website to attract clients and communicate with them. See to it that you put everything necessary on your website such as the name, logo, address, phone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail address of your business. There should also be a page for frequent questions and answers, as well as page dedicated to the history of your business and what you can offer clients. Of course, you should also allot a space for customer feedback.

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